Meet The Team

Sam Lister

Founder and CEO

Sam is a top video creator on LinkedIn and has leveraged the platform to create BLNK SLATE MEDIA. He now speaks on topics such as personal branding, entrepreneurship and being a young founder.

Tyler Wrightsman

Creative Director

Tyler has been creating photo and video content for 6 years now and has an eye for creation. He started off in the wedding industry and now has ventured off into many different sectors and leads the creative devision of BLNK SLATE MEDIA.

Sutton Sabinash


Sutton is an accounting wiz, stepping into the field at 16 years old. He loves everything about accounting and has also founded his own accounting company, Every Second Accounts.

Noah Singer

Content Creator

Noah lives for content creation whether that’s photography or videography. He enjoys the story he can tell people through his work and the opportunities that brings.